Friday, June 09, 2006


Totally exhausted, but happy...
Germany ... fooouuurrr...
Costa Rica ... twoooo...

We went to see it at the Heumarkt in Cologne. I was late and my guys were already inside (the place was surroundet by high fences) and there were four entrances where your bag got checked (you weren't allowed to take own food oder drinks inside). When I came the stupid security-guys didn't allow anymore people to get in. So I was outside with 100 people (at least!) and my guys inside. There was no chance getting in, even though people were leaving the security-guys were stupid and had fun telling people off and still didn't allow at least a few to get in.
So I was totally annoyed and walked around the fences, searching for a way to get in. I wasn't the only one trying and nobody succeeded. Then I had enough and climbed (in a quiet corner, where I couldn't see any security) over the fence. I hurt myself, I ruined my trousers... but: I was INSIDE! Yeah!
It still took some time to find my guys but I finally found them at the best ever moment: When Germany scored 1:0.

Yeah, go Germany go!


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