Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh my god!

Last week was kind of terrifying. Scandal followed by another one.
Do you know if your phonecall is safe?
Do you know if the journalist of your choise isn't a snitch?
Do you know if the soccer match you watched wasn't manipulatet?
Do you know... etc.

Bad week.


Blogger meike said...

hier auch ein eintrag von mir ;) du hast ja diesselbe vorlage... sorry.. wusste ich nicht.
oh, muss man hier auf englisch posten?
LG und ich meld mich;)

1:05 PM

Blogger Jenni said...

nö, du musst gar nichts. wäre aber sicherlich nett gegenüber den beiden Amis, die sicherlich einen Großteil meiner Leserschaft ausmachen ;-)
und wegen der Vorlage: die hast du ja jetzt bei dir ein wenig modifiziert, dat passt scho'

2:00 PM

Blogger Bill McClain said...

So, if I comment on your blog, will the German secret police monitor me as well? And if so, will they forward that information to the CIA? The FBI? The NSA? Will they have both a German and English translation of said report? Because, and I don't know if you're aware of this, ever since the freedom of information act we Americans have had a long running contest to see who has the biggest "the American government doesn't spy on Americans" file and I am SO far behind Harry Reid and Dave Letterman right now, you wouldn't even believe.

4:47 PM

Blogger Jenni said...

The fact that I'm not a journalist might be a reason why these comments aren't monitored by the German BND.
But: I'm pretty sure that the CIA and/or NSA do this, because... well... I'm German. So you're communicating with a forgein person. That's evil and definately suspicious, I think.

9:54 AM


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