Monday, May 15, 2006

So much right-wing TV!

Just watched "Report Mainz", shown in our good old first television program. Actually I've never seen it before, I just watched it because Germany's top late night talker Harald Schmidt presented the jubilee show (40 years). I liked Schmidt but I didn't like the show. Didn't know it is so much right-wing. One report about how much left-wing extremisn is expanding in Germany (okay, in fairness: they also did a report about right-wing propaganda because of the Wolrd Cup). And another satire one about our Social Party and how they take away the money of everyone these days. They forgot to tell that not only the Social Party is governing Germany now... the Christian Paty is also involved. Yay, that's what I call objective reporting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Report comes from the Southern Broadcasting Station... I think this says enough. Nearly Bavarian... ;)

7:02 AM


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