Saturday, April 29, 2006


Tomorrow is sunday. Hope it's really going to be a sunny day because... Alex and his flatmates will throw a party. A BBQ party. With 100 people.
But that's enough, don't want to bother you with all my weather-ish things again.

Yesterday I went to a small theatre with some friends to see "Embers" (that's what the story is called in English, in German it's "Die Glut") of Sándor Márai. It was a very small theatre and because we were so late buying our ticktes we had to sit "first class": in the front row. Which wasn't very popular by most of us because "I can't sleep sitting in the front row. That's gonna be embarrassing!". Because it was a small theatre, we were really close to the stage. It felt a bit like we were participating in the play. But it was a really good one with a brilliant actor playing the lead. This guy was actually in a monologue, for a whole two hours! Not that easy...


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