Sunday, April 23, 2006

MSN Suxx

This is why I've created this new blog.

Furthermore I just came back from Paderborn, where I visited my old friend Meike. It was quite a funny and eventful weekend, with a usual annoying journey. The Deutsche Bahn is really crap. Not one of my six trains arrived in time. But hey, at least one advantage: They were all late so I could catch them all and didn't have to wait at some exciting stations like Hamm. Hamm is just as funny as it sounds.
Paderborn isn't very exciting aswell, but the people that surrounded me were. Had a lot's of fun and didn't get enough sleep. But hey, I don't complain.
Now I've "some" stuff to read for politics tomorrow and tuesday. Also not very exciting...

P.S.: You might wonder why my blog is named like this. If you like: have a guess!


Blogger ruth said...

ooooh, pretty.
but jenni, now you need to get flickr for your pictures.
and, don't complain about your fancy-schmance efficient trains until you ride the glory of the us rail system. it's all fun & toothless people.

9:12 AM

Blogger Jenni said...

I already "flickr" :-)
Think I might install a batch on my site...

9:51 AM


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