Thursday, July 27, 2006

The World... (translated with, it sounds funny but acutally isn't... but I'm too lazy to translate it,sorry guys)

becomes ever more absurd. I mean, hey, one need only times the last few months to regard. Or the last few minutes: Landis was positively tested on Testosteron. With the stage, where it - one day after its break-down - had removed all at once simply so scarcely 10 minutes time. Where are we here? How stupidly can one be? Or perhaps better, how dreist? I mean, straight after the Ullrich, Basso and CO was suspended, MUST one nevertheless simply also as professional sportsmen simply times its brain on turn and be warned. Which a Depp! Then history with the Italian scandal around manipulated plays in the series of A, the first football league in Italy. First pronouncement of judgement: Hard however fairly. Who manipulated earned also glaring punishments. Only the AC Milan, that coincidentally in possession of the ex dictator... aeaeaehhhh... Ex head of the government Berlusconi is, already moderates punished. After the appointment now sieht's so out that quasi only alibi-met it are. One could win the impression that manipulation is worthwhile itself directly. If one is gotten, one has to fear eh nearly nothing. It is, one is open and honest, like Juventus turin. Then one is punished at the Haerstesten. Apart of the sport one can determine also amazing. Keyword climate. Everyone knows that it goes with the earth to end, if everything keeps running in such a way like it the case is momentary. But apparently as well as none the politician strives to really worry for it. Probably, because they already hope with the possible end and/or the increase of bad disasters to be surely buried underground. And it them of therefore simple and simply all the same is. Only the groups of lobbies would annoy. And we do not want that finally. With the view direction the Near East comes likewise the grey. Reliably there is no ultimative solution for this problem. But simply as totally from the responsibility, as it the USA extract themselves do not make momentary (which concerns its position opposite Israel, one look at themselves the veto to the Middle East conference in Rome) are surely not the correct way of a superpower with influence. Particularly, if it concerns the probably momentarily only superpower of the world. Sometimes one can vibrate simply only the head...


Blogger ruth said...

wow! that is seriously the least sensical thing i have ever read. however, i think i will start saying "Which a Depp!"

7:12 AM

Blogger Jenni said...

at least something... ;-)

10:18 AM

Blogger Bill McClain said...

That reminds me so much of the sort of thing I used to have to transliterate at Polaris World in Ireland...and that causes me always to vibrate simply the head.

10:46 PM


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